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Providing affordable, private, personalised support for anyone touched by cancer

Our highly-skilled cancer nurses and experts have supported thousands of people through cancer over the last 10 years, offering trusted, personalised guidance and reassurance when it is needed most

Our expert and highly-skilled cancer support team is here for you now,

to help with everything you need.

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We Provide

A friendly, dedicated specialist to cut-through the noise and confusion associated with a diagnosis, when you need it most
Pre-diagnosis, diagnosis, treatment, post-treatment, remission, end of life and bereavement support
Arranging an expert second opinion and guiding you through your appointments, tests and results
Checking in with you after your appointments and treatments to make sure you are OK
Medical jargon busting and answering your important questions, at your pace, with access to our vast and trusted resources
Ensuring you have access to everything you are entitled to - from filling in forms to applying for support
Helping you speak to your employer
Allowing you to focus on what’s important – you and your family

How Reframe has helped

Thanks for your amazing support it helps keep me motivated and it’s the keeping motivated I was finding the most difficult

Thank you again for supporting me when I needed it. I really appreciated the practical help and advice when I asked for it. However, the thing that I appreciated the most was that you simply checked in on me regularly. This was fantastic and gave me comfort in knowing that you were there for me if I needed you.

I knew as soon as I finished my call with a cancer charity around returning to work I had to call you, you came into my mind straight away. I feel that you just understand me and we have built up a good rapport that I value your opinions so much more

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